Go back to the future with interactive paper!


Remember the 80’s film Back to the Future, where Marty McFly and Doc travel forward in time to 2015 and the technology of the time is straight out of a sci-fi fantasy. Well it’s time to step out of the Delorean folks, because it is now 2015 and we are about to see some technology that is completely out of this world!

The masters of time and space over at Arjowiggins have created an interactive art paper that contains an invisible layer of printed circuitry called Powercoat, which once scanned by a Smartphone will lead straight to hidden screen based content. Stock favourites such as Conqueror, Curious, Rive and Pop Set are all now available as interactive art paper in the ‘Alive’ range. Great Scott! Is this exciting or what?

Don’t worry about what effect this will have on the space-time continuum, or the environment for that matter. The ‘Alive’ range is FSC certified, biodegradable and 100% Recyclable. So the future need not suffer for our insatiable lust for all things tech. So travel through time and check out the brand spanking new Arjowiggins range of interactive art papers.


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