Brace yourselves for a retro revival.


There was a time where you could drive down the road and see beautifully hand painted signage looking back at you, the amazing craftsmanship of the sign painter would be on display in all its glory for all to see. But sadly, in the digital world that we live in technology rules the day, the sign painter is a rare breed and the art of hand painted signage has become a highly specialised field.

The Sign Painters film, directed by Faythe Levine & Sam Macon is a celebration of hand painted signage that pays homage to the craftspeople who have lead the charge in the revival of an art form, that stirs up the nostalgic feelings of yesteryear. American sign painters such as Ira Coyne, Bob Dewhurst, Kieth Knecht, Norma Jeane Maloney and Stephen Powers are champions of the bespoke art of  hand painting signs, who feature in this 80 minute documentary.

To find out more or watch the Sign Painters film, please visit


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