Colourise Festival – Earth

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 2.34.34 PM

When: Monday, 8 July – Thursday, 11 July
Where: Musgrave Park, Musgrave Park, West End
How much: FREE

Colourise Festival is bringing together Aboriginal artists and creative minds to create an interactive, mixed-media experience like no other. The festival aims to reimagine Brisbane through the eyes of Indigenous Australians, transforming several parts of the city into a live art experience.

eARTh is the name of the mixed media element of the Colourise Festival. Two separate tracks will work their way from the start point at Musgrave Park, through the city, where walkers will experience a “reimagining of the city — imprinting images, sounds, dance, people and music of the land onto the streets of Brisbane”.

Attendees are welcome to join at any part of the walk, with performance times and maps available on the website. Path one will be open from 5.30pm on July 8-10, while path two will open from 5.30pm from July 9-11. Each path will showcase different works and ideas, imprinted on different parts of Brisbane.

The Colourise Festival has many more events to check out: head over to their website for more details.


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