We love the art of Bec Winnel


To look at Bec Winnel’s exquisite hand-drawn portraits is to sigh heavily, clasp your hands and say, “How very, very beautiful.”

Spirits of yesterday stare doe eyed and dewy lipped from her pastel drawings, rosy cheeks seeming to blush in front of your very eyes. Bec Winnel is now an International star in the realm of photo-realistic illustration.

Once upon a time Bec was having to find late night time for her art after working all day in bustling Melbourne, Australia, but last year she turned professional and made a sea/green change; moving to Mount Beauty in rural Victoria.

So now, we’re delighted to know, Bec is turning out her stunning female portraits, which she describes as “beautiful women with big hearts pretty close to all the time – very good result!

Some might say the word ‘beautiful’ is an understatement when describing these breathtaking pieces, where mystical young women in daisy chains stare dreamily at you from somewhere long ago.

With her inimitable, fastidious and highly alluring style, her uncanny talent has not gone unnoticed. Now everyone from Yen magazine to RUSSH, and collectors worldwide are clamouring for her work!



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