French photographer Léo Caillard is here to remind us that today’s classical was once just plain old contemporary with Hipster in Stone. The new photographic series presents some of Western art’s most iconic sculptures dressed to impress in a wardrobe more traditionally found tempting us into American Apparel. His show is currently on display at the Art Basel Fair, Switzerland, but the 27-year-old’s images have made a (near-viral) impact on the net. One small suggestion, why not call it Kawa à la Musee du Louvre?

Art-lovers, relax; you will not be spending that dreaded six hours lined up with the hordes at the Louvre to find this guy anytime soon.

As Caillard told the Daily Mail, “The museum wouldn’t let me touch the statues”, so he went with the trusty ol’ Photoshop switcheroo. All he needed was collaborator and digital touch-up man Alexis Persani, some crafty lighting work and his patience during the model castings.

Personally, I am pretty keen to see some of the pre-sculpture-imposed versions of these photos. I know we are meant to be pondering questions of fashion identity, the status divide in art and how outward appearances impact on the lived experience — but this man must be built like a wall. Oh, and bearded boys, look away, or prepare for some serious beard envy courtesy of my friend Aristaeus, God of the Gardens:


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