Typism – Secure your seat now for September 2013

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BCC Cinemas
Pacific Fair Shopping Centre
Gold Coast, Queensland
EVENT DATE: Wednesday September 4th
EVENT TIME: Registration 9am for a 9:30am start. Conference will end at approximately 4:30pm
TICKETS: $70 for all students, $90 for general admission

Bobby Haiqalsyah

Bobby Haiqalsyah

Originally born in Indonesia, Bobby is a freelance designer with a love of type and illustration based in Melbourne commonly found hustling type, connecting people and making things happen.

He was an accidental chef for many years and decided to retire his knife and apron to focus on the career that he actually studied for.

Since then he has worked in the media and advertising sector for some years and now is working independently and currently represented by the Jacky Winter Group.

Website: Bobby Haiqalsyah

  • “H” for Alphabetica Exhibition
  • Deadwords—Historiaster
  • Wide Brown Land—Exquisite Collective project

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Gemma O’Brien

Gemma O'Brien

Gemma O’Brien is a Sydney-based typographer and illustrator represented by the Jacky Winter Group.

After starting the blog For the Love of Type in 2007, her passion for typography and custom lettering work has attracted commissions from local and international clients including as Woolworths, Vodafone, Smirnoff, Canon, Artline, SBS, and The New York Times.

She has exhibited in numerous gallery shows and her work has been featured in local and international design publications including Just My Type, Hand to Type, Graphic Design Referenced, Grafik magazine andSlanted Magazine.

In addition to commercial work, Gemma O’Brien hosts hand-lettering workshops across Australia with the Australian Type Foundry’s Wayne Thompson and has presented at design conferences including Typo Berlin (Germany, 2009), Semi Permanent (Sydney, Brisbane, Perth in 2011), Field Trip (Sydney, 2012) and the forthcoming agIdeas International Design Forum (Melbourne 2013).

Website: For the Love of Type

  • Christmas Branding for Woolworth’s Supermarkets
  • Suburban Legends exhibition
  • Postcard for the relaunch of The Loop

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