I used to skate once #9

For the last 8 years, The Outpost (BNE) have put on a skate art/music event titled “i used to skate once” (IUTSO), featuring local, interstate and international creative people we admire. This year Matt Brandy and the team are curating a “Ladies Only” show. The show will feature a great mix of talented female artists and musicians. Special guest artist, Chrissie Abbott (UK) is presenting a full show. Special guest band  Terrible Truths (Vic). WHAT — IUTSO 9. WHEN — Thursday 20th June. WHERE — The Zoo, 711 Ann Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. DOORS — 7pm. FREE ENTRY — 18+ MORE — theoutpoststore.com.au ARTISTS — Alice Rezende, Elana Mullaly, Sarah Huston, Tricia King, Kool Thing, Laura Strange, Vlada Edirippulige, Carmela Ruffino, Loretta Lizzio, Teneille Grace, Bec Winnel, Fuzeillear, Sophia Mary Mac, Steph Hughes, Eileen Dick and Emma Thyers. SPECIAL GUEST — Chrissie Abbott (UK) full show. BANDS — Terrible Truths – Major Leagues. SPECIAL THANKS — The Outpost – Element – Mountain Goat – Vodka O – Analogue/Digital – Red Bull – Jack Daniels – The Zoo – Fourthousand

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