Accustomed to digital deception across all types of visual media, it often takes us more than one look to realise that an effect has been achieved solely by the human hand. The new food-art stylings of Hong Yi, or ‘Red’ as she is nicknamed, almost look too perfect to be real. An artist/architect, Red set herself the task of creating a new artwork using only comestibles, every day for a month. From a serene cucumber landscape to a dragonfruit dragon in battle rapture, the resulting scenes are highly detailed, innovative and beautiful.

Hong Yi loves painting “but not with a paintbrush”; her other works have included a painting made using a basketball, a portrait of Ai Weiwei in sunflower seeds, and another of Adele using melted candles. Check out her Facebook page to see deluxe Louis Vuitton mushrooms and more.

red-2 red-1 red-61 red-41 red3 561206_497923356922682_93432599_n 541556_500895963292088_1948652308_n 164224_501366049911746_58791861_n 305986_501903553191329_1243734813_n red-5


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