Yoann Lemoine is a musician and video artist from Paris. His skills as a producer and videographer have been demanded by many big names in the music industry; Lemoine produced Katy Perry’s music video Teenage Dream as well as the videos for Lana Del Rey’s Blue Jeans and Born To Die. The list of his clients continues with Rihanna, Drake, Taylor Swift, Mystery Jets and so on. It is obvious that Lemoine is gifted catching dreams and visions to transform the on to celluloid. The most impressive is Yoann Lemoine’s own musical project that goes by the name WOODKID.The tacks are epic and monumental using the imposing effect of orchestral instruments such as string players, trumpets and horns, an abundance of drums and the significance of an organ. The conceptual full length album ‘The Golden Age’ will be released on the 15th of March 2013. The concept of the album builds up around the story of a boy who leaves the era of childhood and dies, only to be reborn within growing up. This story is told through Woodkid’s music videos full of mystic images and extensive special effects. The first release of those videos was ‘Iron’ followed by ‘Run Boy Run’ and the very recently released ‘I Love You’. As I was told in the interview there is more to come, more from Woodkid and more from Yoann Lemoine…we can’t wait.Watch the video interview and find out what Woodkid has to say about budgets of music videos, questions without answers and that it is ok to make mistakes even if they involve a grizzly bear.Interview and Editorial: Georgia Reeve (twitter.com/Georgia_Reeve)
Videography and Production: Superiest (superiest.net/)


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