NO Cure Magazine – Printed Edition

GO ON – Pledge your support

By Mark ZeidlerBeth Greshwalkjade sheedyLaura GeorgeAllison Gumbleton and Dario Paolini

No Cure is an online flipbook magazine bursting with creative energy featuring, designer profiles, creative studio spaces, industry and business strategies, artists profiles, typography, latest music culture and events happening all around the globe.

No Cure magazine is currently a bi-monthly online magazine that strives to open doors for our creative community worldwide, showcasing new talent as well as the established creative working professional.

In just under a year going live with almost five amazing issues under our belt we have established a new and exciting magazine that deliverers a difference. From the beginning No Cure had a goal to produce a beautifully designed magazine from start to finish providing readers with eye-catching layouts, interesting articles and industry insights. We are proud to have managed to profile some of the biggest names in the art and graphic design world.

From the launch of No Cure magazine we have had always a diverse range of talented contributors that stuck together like a family, which made the magazine gel effortlessly. Due to popular demand and wonderful feedback from everyone we have decided to expand No Cure and print our publication. So please support us and give us this opportunity to make a difference.

No Cure’s first printed publication will be an amazing read with a collection of the best articles, designers and artists from the past five issues to date. This particular issue will be a great introduction of what the magazine is truly about for a whole new generation of readers. The magazine will also include never seen before content and an exciting new redesign for the world of print.

The size of the magazine is 265mm x 215mm (portrait) and will be approximately 120 pages in length, notch binded, printed on 120 gsm uncoated stock. Cover will be uncoated 300gsm with a pantone colour added.

If our $6000 goal is reached and with the money I have already contributed we will be printing 5000 copies to be distributed Australia wide in newsstands and selected bookstores. No Cure will also be available on online sites such as Mag nation. By achieving this goal it will give us a good foundation to build upon creating further opportunities for the magazine to grow and the creative community to flourish.

No cure plans to add captivating videos to the list of things to do with the magazines online site. The short films will be of artists, designers and bands. We will take you for a ride through the depths of their creativity on No Cure TV.

No Cure plans to get interactive and hold amazing group exhibitions for artists that have featured in the magazine. Live music gigs and a whole lot more so stay tuned! Please like us on facebook or subscribe on our website to keep informed. 

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Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 11.38.46 AM




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