INSPIRED by 3D Illustrator Sonia Rentsch

Sonia is a designer, still life stylist and art director.

A 2002 graduate of industrial design from rmit university (australia), she has worked for a diverse range of clients including the l’oréal melbourne fashion festival, the suddeutsche zeitung (germany) & christian dior (uk). in 2007 she managed the australian arm of renowned paris forecasting studio trend union at the national design centre & was editor at-large of the short lived but popular design papers.

More recently she worked for the creative house moth design (melbourne), before a rendezvous in berlin where she transitioned to film & still life set design under the watchful eyes of wunderkind sarah illenberger, and the incredible sarah horton.

Her weltanschauung is to find the beauty in everything.


sonia rentsch
+61 499 699 004 


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