ANALOGUE/DIGITAL creative conference, Goldcoast, 12/Oct/2012

Be there …..


Analogue/Digital Creative Conferences

Analogue/Digital Creative Conferences are a guiding light for next generation creative leaders.

Featuring presentations by artists, directors and founders from the worlds most sought after companies, galleries and establishments, A/D fosters an unparalleled level of genuine inspiration and understanding.

Learn the importance of ‘how’ and ‘why’. Embrace your own ideas. Find your passion. Understand what drives you. Be inspired.

Make the most of your future — A/D


Anthony Lister (BNE)
Christopher Doyle (SYD)
Joseph Allen Shea (SYD)
Sonia Rentsch (MELB)
Brendan McKnight (MELB)
Thomas Williams (MELB)
Numskull (SYD)
Josh Price (SYD)


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