The Creative Ransom

In a creative industry like advertising you have to be pretty…creative to stand out and impress employers. 

Andrew Grinter and Lee Spencer-Michaelsen, a creative duo known as Grinter Spencer, named their campaign ‘The Creative Ransom’. The pair bought the domain names of the city’s top creative directors and sent them out the url in the style of a traditional newspaper letter cut-out ransom letter.

The directors were informed on visiting the page that the site had been taken hostage, and to contact the duo for a meeting or else “the site gets it”.

This tactic earned Grinter Spencer meetings with seven creative directors, but fearing each meeting may be a set up, the pair wore balaclavas to each one. Amazingly, this didn’t put one agency off, who offered the guys a job! It’s an incredibly creative and risky stunt to pull, and one that would probably only go down well in a creative industry.


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