All I want for Christmas

Give yourself a present you’ve probably wanted for years. A pony, a holiday, no of course what I’ve really wanted for years is a superbly crafted Colt handgun. When I found this ad I cracked up laughing. An ad that was so relevant and effective in it’s day is now but an entertaining reminder of abandoned stereotypes and archaic wares, at a pinch of the price we would pay today. For a mere $69 think of all the thrilling activities this gun could provide. Beyond shooting tin cans from your neighbours roof, personally I think a Colt handgun could come in rather handy. The most poignant contrast that this ad has to modern advertising is it’s frame of reference to well, a gun. But really has the way advertiser’s target consumer groups really changed that much. The ad directly speaks to the egocentric male of the household. It says, “ Come on, you spend your life making all the woman in you life happy,  you work hard and you deserve to play hard, go on buy yourself a shiny pistol this Christmas.” Advertising still plays on the ego or self actualisation needs of the consumer in order to create sales and let’ s face it, it probably always will.


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