Inspirational concepts and ads from the ages – Are you suffering from a lack of inspiration this Friday? Check out inspirational art director Kyle Bean and his portfolio of very different conceptual work.

I have decided to post a series of images over the next few weeks, self titled: ads you will never see again:

The influence of advertising on our lives, for both children and adults, has changed over the years. In the early days, advertising for toys and other products for children was primarily targeted toward parents and their message was direct. A problem is answered with a  direct solution. How things have changed. Marketing messages are more sophisticated and tend not to make direct statements towards minority groups, as can be seen in the copy “Free for Chubbies.” Imagine consumer groups up in arms, the strong resistance that this ad would cause if delivered in a modern context. How would today’s copywriter sell clothing for the ‘big boned’ child?


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