GSR gets their blog on…

As the most recent member of the GSR team I have decided to become a prolific blogger. Ok, prolific may be pushing it – I am however going to to try to post some interesting tid bits whenever I get a chance.

A little about me:

After gaining a Bachelor in Communication Design, Marketing and Advertising I spent the following 7 years working in Brisbane’s creative industries as a graphic artist in studio and freelance environments. I love working with my clients, developing creative strategies and solutions that evolve into strong brands. I thrive on effective communication and strongly believe that a good brief comes from developing mutually beneficial relationships and understanding the core needs of your client. I love all things that involve strategy – marketing, communication and creative and delight in devising clever outcomes. While working in industry I studied my Masters in Creative Advertising, consummating a dream to pitch original ideas. I have produced multiple Integrated Marketing Campaigns for Queensland companies and have enjoyed working as an Account Manager, all this before joining the great team at Glenda Stenner Recruitment. 

That just about sums up my past 7 years in industry. Having now been with GSR for almost 4 months I look forward to facilitating further relationships between my clients and candidates. I have met so many incredibly skilled people in the short time I have worked here. Such talent that reaffirms my belief  in Brisbane as an emerging, powerful player in the global creative scene. I am going to try to keep our followers up to date with some of the extraordinary fresh and inspiring  initiatives that Brisbane has to offer. Events and organisations that endeavour to unite creative individuals and drive our networked community into the global limelight. Sound exciting ?


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